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What is M2TS?

The .m2ts file format is given to video/audio files created by certain Sony Camcorder models. A .m2ts file is a Sony high definition video file type. M2ts files are raw AVCHD videos recorded using Sony's , such as the HDR-SR(xx) series models. Panasonic, Canon and other brands of AVCHD camcorders also record in m2ts format. Currently, m2ts files can be played using the Picture Motion Browser, which is an application video player provided with Sony AVCHD camcorders. (from wikipedia)

The .M2TS files contain a BDAV MPEG-2 transport stream. Each stream has its own file and their names are of the form #####.M2TS (a five-digit number followed by .M2TS). Files with the same number are related.

Because M2ts files are raw AVCHD videos, the main disadvantages are large-size and they can 't be played on the common players such as Apple TV, Zune, PSP, PS3, Pocket PC, Creative Zen, Archos and other video players. That is to say, you have to convert the m2ts files to other formats , this M2TS Converter is currently the best one.

what is m2ts

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This M2TS Converter has professional function, which can not only convert M2TS files to the common formats such as avi, mpeg, vob, mts, but can edit the added files to a better one.

In addition, you can download the trial version for trying out, the large-size M2TS files will be converted to other brillant formats easily (but the watermark won't be removed). After a few clicks, you can appreciate the shooted files on your portable devices freely.

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